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A Guide for First-Time Beard Growers

A Guide for First-Time Beard Growers


So you’ve decided to grow a beard. Not shaving, how hard can it be? Though it may seem simple, there are fundamentals that any beard grower should follow. From a mustache to a full mountain man grizzly beard combo, this guide will assist you on your journey. If you’re a seasoned beard grower this guide might bring back some of the joys of the beginning of your journey. The Beard Pros have your back.


Week 1

Growing a beard requires dedication and patience. Unless you are going for a full on mountain man look, it is not easy. There are a few fundamentals you should follow. If you are still reading, congrats! You are probably up for the challenge!

 A Guide for First-Time Beard Growers

Some of you have only allowed your scruff to grow for a few days before shaving. These next few weeks could be challenging if you’re the type of man who is used to having a clean-shaven face, so be prepared. Your scurf is going to look, feel and grow different then ever before. If you know what type of look or beard style you are going for, excellent. If not, do not worry. Resist the urge to trim, shave or scratch! Remember the more you scratch the more it will itch. It is important not to trim or shave in order for your facial hair to begin its full growth process. This way you’ll be able to see the areas that are growing quicker, slower, thicker or shorter.


Earlier, we mentioned some fundamentals. Your overall health will play a large role on how quickly and healthy your beard will grow. A proper diet rich in omega fatty acids, daily exercise, plenty of sleep and a bit of daily maintenance is recommended for those of you who are taking this seriously.


Week 2

A Guide for First-Time Beard Growers

This week growth is the priority, which is all about resisting the urge to shave or scratch! Resist trimming any weird looking facial hairs. Instead, try combing it through which may help the appearance. This is also the time to begin using a daily all-natural beard oil or butter. These will not only benefit your skin and hair, it will dramatically reduce irritation. If your beard is not as long as you had hoped, patience! It’ll get there.


Week 3

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! The hard part is almost over. If you still haven’t begun using any beard products, we encourage you to do so. These products will not only induce growth, but your hair, skin, and face will look and feel much better. Going crazy from the itch? Use all-natural beard oil! We recommend using beard oil that contains peppermint, lavender, cedarwood, or patchouli essential oils to help your dry or itchy skin. The properties in these essential oils help to soothe and heal irritated skin. When in the shower, we recommend giving your beard a light scrub a few of times a week. This process is known as exfoliating and will remove any dead skin cells, hair, or dirt AND help your beard oil penetrate your skin more efficiently.

A Guide for First-Time Beard Growers 

At this time your scruff should have taken some shape allowing you to see how your facial hair grows and catch any patches throughout it. You should begin combing your beard daily to allow your natural oils to spread evenly across your beard and skin. Some men can grow facial hair quicker then others, this is because genes play a big role in hair fullness and facial hair growth. You can begin trimming any patchy or awkward looking edges around your face. Try to keep it even.


Week 4

Week four, you’ve made it! This is the first major milestone on your path towards bearded success. The itch should be gone, and most of the patches should be filled in. At this point you should have a good idea of the final look of your beard.


If you still haven’t decided on a beard style, you should begin to think about one. Whether you’re going for a full on mountain man, a well-trimmed dappered look, or any combination in between, stick with it. Invest in a trimmer, barber scissors, or a razor. We recommend using your beard oil or butter once or twice a day. An all-natural beard wash for scrubbing a few times a week is also encouraged.

 A Guide for First-Time Beard Growers

Don’t fall behind on the upkeep. Not sure where to shave or what to trim? Read our Guide to Beard Grooming and Maintenance to answer some of those questions. From here on out it is vital to apply those oils and comb daily. Wash your beard a few or more times week. Good luck and have fun!


What's part of your grooming routine? If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message!


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