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A Simple guide to Beard Grooming and Maintenance

We all love our beards and probably hate shaving. Regardless, there are a few tips and tricks to proper beard maintenance. If you’re a first time beard grower you might have some questions on beard grooming and maintenance. Maybe you’re a seasoned vet and want our take on how to do it.

 When should I trim, what should I shave, and how often?

These are all valid questions asked by beard growers daily. Yes, it can be tricky and letting your beard grow wild, could get messy. While we all have our own style and preference, the team agreed on one thing, maintenance is key!

Earlier this week we sat down with one of our in house barbers. Hoffmann, a professional barber and hair stylist was able to clear a few things up for us.


I just started growing my beard, when should I trim it?

The average beard grows about ½ an inch every month. Allow your beard to grow for 3-4 weeks before trimming. Resist the urge to trim. Doing so will allow you to see how it fills in along with the shape. During this period it might grow patchy and thin in certain areas. Don’t worry this is normal! Your beard needs time to grow and mature.


My scruff/beard is itching like crazy! What can I do?

For starters, stop scratching! This will only make it worse and create more of an itch. We recommend using some beard butter or beard oil with essential oils containing soothing properties such as tea tree, peppermint or spearmint.


Should I shave my neck, what part?

Unless you plan on going full grizzly, there are certain parts of your face and neck you will need to shave. While we recommend an experienced barber, try following your natural jaw and face lines. Lift up your chin and shave an even straight-line across the width of your neck. Anything under this, shave it. Still confused? For some of us this line is right above the Adams apple, about the width of two fingers.


What about along my sides?

Follow your side burns and natural lines. This should be trimmed evenly and vertically from the end of your side burns straight down to your jaw line. The way your beard grows varies. Try keeping a thin space in front of your ears down to the jawline.


What should I do with my mustache?

This comes down to personal preference. Some of us like trimming our mustaches while others let it grow. If you would like to trim it, start in the center and trim any hairs that go over your top lip. Slowly work your way outwards and continue trimming. If you want your mustache to connect to your beard, do not shave the bottom ends of your mustache. For a minimal look, trim any hairs that are growing inward and entering your mouth or overlapping your lips.


Should I go to a barber or do it myself?

For first time beard trimmers, we recommend visiting a barber. In between visits simple maintenance, and trimming can be done at home. We use everything from small scissors and electric shavers to razors and combs.


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There you have it, our simple guide to beard grooming and maintenance! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or send us a message!


The Beard Pros,

Bold | Hairy | Clean


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Pat Mueller
Pat Mueller

February 06, 2017

I like how you expanded on how to shave your neck. It’s such a common question to beginning growers. I run the website over at North American Beard Alliance ( you should check us out and maybe we could even do a review on your products… Let me know!

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Alison Hamilton

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Akhil anil
Akhil anil

March 27, 2016

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February 08, 2016

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Thanks in advance

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